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Klompien Females

Donor Cows

DKK Starlette 335 - kH.jpg
DKK Starlette 335

Reg #1604771

MPPA: 108

C-T Grand Statement 1025 x DKK Starlette 9047


DKK Starlette 335 is everything we look for in a Klompien Red Angus female and everything we think the beef industry is trying to achieve. She offers exceptional power & shape with structural correctness. Her cow power is second to none. She may be one of our most favorite donor cows that we have ever had.

DKK Sheba 5116.jpg
DKK Sheba 5116

Reg # 3486382

MPPA: 105

Silveiras Mission Nexus 1378 x DKK Sheba 149

Beautiful in her presence, fantastically balanced, and the ideal sweep through her rib. She emulates everything we look for in an ideal female. She has tremendous maternal genetics and we are really excited to see what this gorgeous young cow is going to do.  

DKK Starlette 07 KH.jpg
DKK Starlette 07

Reg # 1363978

MPPA: 106

LJC Mission Statement P27 x DKK Starlette K28


The power in this cow is second to none. She is flawless in her structure and yet has a very powerful look. Her udder quality is the best that I have ever seen and she has fantastic feet. Her progeny have made a name for her!

DKK Dazzle 155.jpg
DKK Dazzle 155

Reg # 1427187


LJC Mission Statement P27 x DKK Dazzle 639

Powerhouse is one of the best ways to describe this cow – she will grab your attention with her depth of rib, total dimension, and shape. She throws power in whatever we breed her too!

Klompien Mother Cows 

Starlette Cow Family

The Starlette cow family is one of our favorites -- they consistently produce some of the most powerful bulls and heifers in our herd. They have the ideal combination of power, balance, rib shape, and deep red color to be producing machines.

DKK Starlette 9047.jpg
DKK Starlette 9047

Reg #1304479

MPPA: 105

Messmer Packer S008 x DKK Starlette K28


DKK Starlette 507.jpg
DKK Starlette 507

Reg # 3486504

MPPA: 101

Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334 x DKK Starlette 320

Impress Cow Family

Impress – that is exactly what these ladies will do! When going through our cows these ladies stand out because they are beautiful! Clean made, fountain necks, gorgeous udders, and awesome feet! A heifer out of this cow family gets picked almost every year to go to Bet on Red or the NILE. We absolutely adore this line!

Lakme Cow Family

The Lakme ladies are fantastic producers. There is so much look and style into this cow family. Tremendous power in beautiful packages. The udders in this cow family are exceptional.

DKK Impress 157.jpg
DKK Impress 157

Reg #1427243

MPPA: 102

Red Crowfoot Ole's Oscar x DKK Impress 9048


DKK Impress 5102.jpg
DKK Impress 5102

Reg # 3486396

MPPA: 105

Silveiras Mission Nexus 1378 x DKK Impress 9048

DKK Lakme 3111.jpg
DKK Lakme 3111

Reg #1604806

MPPA: 101

C-T Grand Statement 1025 x KCC Lakme S635


DKK Lakme 6109.jpg
DKK Lakme 6109

Reg #3533299

MPPA: 101

Feddes Red Pack Y84 B217 x DKK Lakme 498

Olivia Cow Family

Maternal is the best word to start describing the Klompien’s Olivia cow family! Bulls or heifers they make beautiful babies! They are easy fleshing and good mamas! We have really enjoyed watching what these Olivia cows can do!

DKK Olivia 325.jpg
DKK Olivia 325

Reg #1604749

MPPA: 111

C-T Grand Statement 1025 x DKK Olivia 8001


DKK Olivia 8001.jpg
DKK Olivia 8001

Reg #1229745

MPPA: 106

Glacier Chateau 744 x DKK Olivia 622

Sheba Cow Family

These cows are incredibly deep bodied, thick, and soft made. We really like our Sheba females – they are a deep ruby red color and are very easy fleshing.

DKK Sheba 149 -2.jpg
DKK Sheba 149

Reg #1427307

MPPA: 97

Red Crowfoot Ole's Oscar x Mlk Crk Sheba 908


DKK Sheba 3102.jpg
DKK Sheba 3102

Reg #1604717

MPPA: 97

KCC Make Mimi X09 x DKK Sheba 149

Harmony Cow Family

Just look at this cow family and the genetics behind them! They are the definition of curve benders…. GROWTH! But that is not all – these females are clean made, almost always cherry red, and beautiful! You will keep coming back to look at these girls!

DKK Harmony 8073.jpg
DKK Harmony 8073

Reg #1229737

MPPA: 106

DKK Priority R07 x DKK Harmony 532


DKK Harmony 274 -2.jpg
DKK Harmony 274

Reg #1509734

MPPA: 105

C-T Grand Statement 1025 x DKK Addiction N10

Lakota Cow Family

These females are the definition of power for the Klompien’s! The udders in this cow family are exceptional. The rib shape and the size of their hips will really grab your attention. Keep your eyes peeled for Klompien Red Angus Lakota’s when they are for sale – we do not let these go very easily!

DKK Lakota 347.jpg
DKK Lakota 347

Reg #1604738

MPPA: 98

Messmer Packer S008 x DKK Lakota 608


DKK Lakota 108.jpg
DKK Lakota 108

Reg #1427287

MPPA: 100

Messmer Packer S008 x DKK Lakota P25

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