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About Klompien Red Angus
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About Klompien Red Angus

Klompien Red Angus was established in 1990, when Dave & I (Kay) purchased all of the CK Red Angus replacements and leased the rest of the CK herd. Mom and Dad (Clint & Doris Kallestad) established CK Red Angus in 1968 44 years ago. The last 44 years have been committed to producing reputation cattle that are backed by integrity. We believe in longevity in our cattle and longevity in the business.

Dave was raised with Polled Herefords and then later on a dairy. However, today he is totally sold on the Red Angus breed. He appreciates the focus on the relevant traits and, once being in the dairy business has absolutely no tolerance for poor udders.

Currently we run 150 mother cows and retain about 60 replacement heifers. The mama cow has always been the foundation of Klompien Red Angus; from mothering traits, excellent udders, dispositions, calving ability with performance and structural soundness. Each cow is required to meet very high standards within the herd. We strive to continually improve our cattle with the help of new technology and new genetics. Problems (including feet, udders, attitudes, structure, fertility and calving) are simply eliminated. This philosophy increases the probability of buyer satisfaction; along with continuing to build the ultimate cow herd. The Klompien Red Angus Herd is composed of well-balanced, maternal, functional cattle. Extremes are avoided. Building the breed as a whole is also important, so I have served in several positions on the Montana Red Angus Board of Directors along with being active in state and local cattle organizations.

This is a family business. The Lord has blessed us with daughters Renee and Kara along with son-in-law Brad (who happens to be allergic to cows) and nephew, Jason; all who are essential to the success of the operation. Both Dave and my parents are also appreciated as they lend helpful hands and run many last-minute errands.

Klompien Red Angus will be selling an elite pick of our replacement heifer calves. DKK Angie Rose 2079 is the representative; but to sweeten the deal, we are opening it up to the highest bidder to select from all of our replacement heifer calves. Also selling will be several proven cows and also some bred heifers in the 4th Annual Big Sky Elite female sale December 6, 2012. The bull calves will be put on test at Veltkamp Livestock Feedlot near Manhattan; and offered at the kickoff event March 21, 2013. Please mark your calendars and join us for lunch, viewing of the bulls and the kickoff. .

Please feel free to contact either Dave or I at your convenience. We would love to visit with you and show off our cattle. Many priceless friendships have been developed in our cattle business journey; we are always up for more.

Thank You for your interest in the Klompien Red Angus Program.

Klompien Family

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